What do I do when I want to GET more CUSTOMERS?

Recently I met up with a really well-respected business man with a great business who’s been around for quite some time, but their marketing relies too much on him and his personal contacts, and they’re not growing quickly enough.

He asked me, “when you want to grow your business, what do you do to get the message out there?” And I thought I would share the answer with you!

“I do the same thing that I advise any of my clients… connect with them on a PERSONAL level and give, give, give. Know exactly who your target new client is, and give them free advice, free information, entertain them, surprise them, delight them, and inspire them. Use the language that you know they like, solving the problems you know they have, and feeling like the message is written specifically to them. This the whole basis of CONNECTION MARKETING, providing amazing and personalised content.”

We personally do this through:

  • Facebook posts, which is my personal favourite platform, and then share across to other platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn, changing it up if need be to suit the specific audience.
  • The really good posts we also create as blog posts and share in our e-newsletters which I try to send out weekly.
  • You can also do Facebook Lives (these can have huge success when you get into a regular time slot), and give away downloadable tip sheets etc that people request and have to give the email address for in exchange.
  • You can build on your Youtube channel with how-to instructional videos, and create your own shows – something we are putting together right now to launch.
  • Podcasts (watch this space!)
  • and Webinars
  • Any kind of giveaway from ebooks to cheat sheets/tips, case study sheets
  • You can also get free PR spots on other people’s blogs, online magazines, real life magazines, chapters in books, write your own book

the sky is truly the limit when it comes to creating great content and getting the message out there.

Kate Toon, creator of Hot Copy Podcast and The Recipe for SEO Success Show, shared the following benefits to her business since launching her podcasts:

“Since creating my podcast I’ve seen a definite shift in my business. It’s helped me built more of a following, more authority and, personally more confidence. In terms of specifics, my copywriting podcast generated around $10-20k in course and resource sales last year, and through being on other people’s podcasts I’ve landed speaking gigs. Podcasting helped my business so much, I’ve actually just launched a second one.”

One of my greatest marketing tools I ever created for myself was a 36 page booklet that I wrote and had printed up called the 50 Things About Websites You Should Know. It would be completely out of date now, but it was such a great little tool and would be worthwhile updating it into an ebook now, as it would be a wonderful resource. The most important thing to remember, is that it has to be PERSONAL and customised to YOUR brand. This is the really important step that some people forget. It can’t be generic and copied from your competitor’s material. It really does need to have your flair and individual flavour so it stands out as being truly unique.

We have a content creation package that might be able to help you out if you have the budget to get an agency like us to help you out.

We were visiting a new client doing exactly that today when I saw these angel wings on the side of the building and had to take a photo! For our client, we know who the target audience is, what he wants to achieve, and he’s pulled his SEO budget with another company and dedicated it solidly to our content creation plan of creating custom video, blog posts and a monthly e-newsletter using the same budget. It’s all organic SEO anyway, and google LOVES video, so it’s highly likely his website won’t dip down in the rankings and will have a lot more organic, personal content on there that is branded and positioned to make their business stand out even more. His competitors won’t know what him them!

Are you creating content that connects you to your audience?

Melissa x

If you want to speak with Melissa in greater detail about how to get more out of the content you are creating, and how to have a functional website, blog, e-newsletter or marketing plan that will enhance organic SEO, then please contact us and we can have an obligation-free chat.

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