“i know i should create content, but I don’t have the time or know what to say”.

It’s time to debunk some marketing myths and today I am going to start with the myth people like to tell themselves that they can’t create content because they don’t know what to say or can’t seem to find the time.


The simple fact of the matter is you DO have something valid to say. You just need to find your reason WHY.  Why are you in this business, why do you do what you do? What are the ways you help your clients, what service do you provide and what are the daily conversations that you have with your clients all the time? Take the focus off yourself and put it on HOW you help your clients.” Melissa Scott.

The way to do this is to set aside the time to step out of the running of your business, and take note of those daily conversations that crop up with your clients, and then turn them into conversation pieces that you can use for your marketing. Marketing today is about having a conversation, people don’t want to feel like they are being sold too. It’s more like a friendly chat where you might be imparting some helpful tips and knowledge that will improve the lives of the person you are talking with. Provide a solution to their problems.

Imagine you are having a conversation with someone and you are inviting them to interact with you, it’s a two way street.” Melissa Scott.

Even if you are doing a video, always know who your target customer or ‘A client’ is. As you are writing or talking, imagine you are talking directly to them. This is how you create content that feels more generous, organic and flows better and what people will respond to.


The fact is, people are online right now. Particularly in these times and they are looking and researching solutions for the problems they have. Even if someone has been referred directly to you by an excellent, well established source of trust, they are still going to want to check you out, find out about you, develop a rapport and see if they think they might be able to work with you. They will do this by going online and looking at:

  • your website
  • your social platforms
  • and your content to see if it resonates with them or not.

This usually happens without them making any contact with you at all, so you want to make sure you have the right type of content readily available.

Other reasons to create content are:

  • Create an impact that actually helps people with their day to day problems
  • Reach a much wider audience
  • Show that you genuinely care about your audience and want to help them
  • Build connection and engagement
  • Charge the price you are worth by developing more trust within your brand
  • Open up more opportunities not only for customers but for collaboration and business partnerships as well
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Grow your database so you don’t have to work so hard to get new leads


Step 1 – Stop referring to it as ‘content’. Don’t let the phrase itself be a stumbling block for you. Try saying to yourself “every day at midday, I am going to write a nice post to my potential clients”. Or, “I’m going to go online today and have a chat and see who pops on and asks questions or leaves a comment after.” Or how about “I’m going to sit down first thing every morning this week and write the framework for a short workshop/webinar that is really going to help my client do …..”

Phrase your goal in a way that takes the pressure off, sounds more fun and inspiring because it is outcome driven, and you are more likely to do it.


This is so important, don’t limit yourself to doing one piece of content and then not having it appear anywhere else, that is such a waste. For example, if you do a Facebook live, you will write a post to go with it. If you really like the video…

Export it from FB, put an introduction and ending on it and load it up to your YouTube channel.

  • Write an article for the video and put it in your website with a link to your channel.
  • Share it to LinkedIn or as an Instagram story.
  • Share across all the different platforms you use.
  • Create a sexy infographic for it if that works.

The whole thing might take 30-60 mins to create, but you have been able to share it across 4 different platforms plus your website. If you think it is really valuable to your audience, add it your newsletter and keep the love flowing from one piece of content.

That is the value of repurposing content, getting it in front of as many eyes as possible.


If you want to super charge your audience growth, the best way to do this is to get in front of other people audiences. Write articles that can be shared on high authority websites, write about things that are really pertinent to our times and get your brand in front of many more people then you would if you just stuck to your own platforms. Create a webinar, be a guest speaker on a podcast, there are lots of ways to make this happen, but it all starts with producing helpful, quality content.

The way to build a bigger database is to get in front of more clients and the way to get in front of more clients is by creating content!” Melissa Scott

Sometimes it might feel pointless, you might feel like at the time your only talking to a handful of people, but you have to consider that one of those people can turn into a customer and what is the lifelong value of a client. For me it can be thousands if not tens of thousands. Some clients over a period of 10 years spend $100K+ with me. Is that not worth getting out your content to a handful of people if they are your exact target audience and will hang around for a long time with you as a loyal client?

Creating content is all about the service and the relationships. Keep turning up consistently and delivering content in the way you find comfortable. Repurpose your work and get it out onto bigger platforms. Building good quality content regularly and consistently is one of the most important things you could be doing for your business today.

If you want to have more success in your business and sales, you need to become an expert at creating trust and connection online through your personal brand, and creating quality content. Book a free half hour strategy session with Melissa today to find out how you can be the Rockstar in your industry. If you want it, it is possible.

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