This package is perfect if you already have a website, but you know it isn’t converting visitors into customers.

The amount of ‘dwell time’ a browser spends on your website tells Google that you are a good, valuable resource. Creating engaging, quality content that is easy to navigate, quick to load and on-brand, keeps people on your website. If people can’t easily find what they’re looking for and bounce back quickly to the original Google search, then the message sent to Google is that your website isn’t worthy of a high ranking for that search phrase, and they penalise your website harshly.

A quick bounce rate = poor Google ranking

People generally leave a website because of a slow load speed, poor brand messaging, a lack of understanding what it is about, or it’s not relevant to the search. We can develop a concise report that outlines areas of potential improvement of your website’s design, layout, messaging, call to actions and organic SEO.
Our report package assists in determining what sort of help you may need with getting your business’ website off the ground or giving it more of a presence in order to get recognised on google and seen by more potential clients. We take the time to go through your website and review the areas we believe could be improved upon. We then create a report based on our recommendations for improvement and offer answers and support. We assist our client every step of the way. See below for our very affordable Review My Website report package.



Review My Website
Website Performance Report Package
Develop a report that outlines areas of potential improvement of the websites' design and layout.
The below key points will be outlined in the report with ways to improve in these areas.
Critical improvements to organic SEO (search engine optimisation)
Improvements to website content - e.g. keywords, relevance to brand messaging, addressing 'pain points' of potential clients, suggestions around areas that need to be expanded upon or condensed
Checklist for social media links
Relevance to the brand messaging and target audience
Page speed tests
Are you using the right keywords for your industry? Essential to be visible in google searches and higher page ranking
Please note, this is a stand alone service, however if it is purchased with any of our other packages including the ‘Take me Serious’ or above website packages, then the fee will be waived
All reports are provided with our popular '10 major mistakes that business owners are making with their websites... and how to turn it around!' video tutorial - coming out in February 2019.


Here are 5 reasons why people will leave your website quickly:


  1. They leave when it’s unclear what your website is about and they just couldn’t be bothered to figure it out.
    If your site doesn’t have a clear call to action (as in, what do I do next), or is overloaded with choices, they clear out. Less is more, nobody likes to be overwhelmed – but on the other hand, not enough information is equally frustrating!
  2. They leave when it’s not user friendly – ie, not easy to navigate and too slow to load.
    You might have all the answers in the world, but if the navigation doesn’t work or they have to wait, the person browsing will not stick around.
  3. They leave if it’s not compatible with mobile.
    Do I even need to explain why?!
  4. They leave if your site isn’t congruent with your brand or if you come across as ‘too good to be true’.
    Consistency is so important, and creating a trustworthy website with plenty of happy customer reviews and social proof is essential.
  5. They leave if you don’t impress them.
    There are so many great businesses with ordinary websites out there. Why would a potential customer hang around if there’s someone else doing it so much better, with useful information, videos, clear next steps and easy navigation.


Our Website Performance Report Package is a real no-brainer for any business wanting to get the most out of their website.


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