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In our nineteenth year of business, we are experts in the area of bringing the heart and soul of our client’s brands and marketing messages to life.

We call this connection marketing. And our clients love us for it.

Our boutique agency offers a complete service in branding, graphic design, advertising, marketing, video and photography production and website solutions.

We are located in the southern suburbs of Sydney, just south of the airport. We are a national brand and service clients Australia-wide. We are interested in long-term partnerships with professional businesses who identify that good design solutions and consistent branding impact positively on their business. We assist our clients to reach their business goals through a solid marketing plan, excellent promotional material and a strong website presence.

Unlike advertising agencies, our fees are very competitive and reasonable. We quote on a job-by-job basis before work commences, so there are no nasty surprises on completion of your project.

We work with a wide range of motivated small to medium sized business owners, government agencies and large organisations such as Rheem Australia, MDC Camper Trailers, St George Hospital, Scott Morrison MP, Jandson Homes, AMP, Diabetes NSW and Axis Services Groups.

Read more about our mission and company values.


You will deal with a professional and leading design agency that has been successfully operating for over 19 years…
You will be assigned the best creative designer and/or website developer for your brief, assuring you continuity of your brand and good communication, and your work will always be overseen by the Creative Director.
Our communication is clear. You will receive personal and professional attention from the business owner at every stage so you feel respected and heard…
You will only have to tell us once what you want because we listen.
We will meet all reasonable deadlines, we pull out all stops to deliver on time…
Because we value your time and understand how important it is to keep a promise.
We don’t design for our egos, we partner with you to deliver design and marketing strategies that are original, on brief and exceeds your expectations
We always delight our clients and work with you until it’s right. We understand marketing your brand is an investment and treat you with respect.
We will come to your business premises for initial briefings and meetings…
We want to learn more about your business and your brand, and save you precious time.


Working closely shooting a new video with our clients Riverwood Community Centre and their partners Club Rivers. We also recreated their whole brand identity, annual report, marketing material and website. See our work for more information on this exciting project.

Meet the team…

Our team has been handpicked and cultivated over the years (and in some cases decades) to create the right energy and expertise to work on our client’s brands.

Heretic Creative Agency, James Lopes, Melissa Robson, design, marketing, branding, videography, video marketing, website design

Founder / Creative Director / Designer

Melissa is one of those curious beings (kind of like Michael Jackson), except instead of being born to dance, she was born to design (she would argue that she was also born to dance!). From her heady days at age 10, taking out the Grand Art Prize at the Ariah Park Ag Show, through to now, she has always been a tenacious, creative, occasionally dancing, computer-keyboard-abusing whirlwind (no, seriously… check out her computer keyboard). Melissa spent some time on the road as a lead singer in a rock band in her early days, then spent a lot more time raising state athletes and soccer stars whilst simultaneously camping in Bourke with the Prime Minister and the Head of Google Australia. Melissa considers “irony” her chief weapon of humour. It may be ironic that it isn’t…

Heretic Creative Agency, James Lopes, Melissa Robson, design, marketing, branding, videography, video marketing, website design

James Lopes
Videographer / Creative Genius

When James was a child he performed in many eisteddfods… and then his voice broke. In his 20s, he worked in Heavy Industry Management, in his 30’s he toured Australia, Europe, Canada and the USA with his band The Cherrypickers, supporting acts like INXS and Deep Purple. In his 40’s he put down his guitar and picked up a video camera full time. If he isn’t being creative, he’s… well… let’s just hope he continues being creative! He describes himself as an ‘Artsy creative on the back end of a video camera. All I need is the tartan beret.’ Many people have asked James just how he sleeps at night with that brain of his. Thankfully, it powers down of its own accord most nights around midnight.

Heretic Creative Agency, James Lopes, Melissa Robson, design, marketing, branding, videography, video marketing, website design

Amelia Berry

Amelia is blonde haired and blue eyed and should have a bazillion followers on Instagram. She maintains that design makes her happy (and the adoration of bazillions of fans wouldn’t). She was a gymnast back in the day, but cartwheels and backflips have been banned in the office, so that was the end to that. When not designing, you can catch her island hopping in the Mediterranean… although you won’t see it on Instagram…

Heretic Creative Agency, James Lopes, Melissa Robson, design, marketing, branding, videography, video marketing, website design

Kay Bowmaker
Web Developer

Kay likes blue. And initials. Especially ones like HTML and CSS. She majored in Photography and Print Making while completing her studies in fine art, but we suspect she could also be Batman. Kay is obsessed by things she calls “streamlining” and once said “global mobile queries to account for the anchor links offset and manageable menu position”. Luckily for us, she also speaks English. Her happy places involve coding and camping… probably in that order.
She put this website together, so if this copy actually appears (as we wrote it), either she wasn’t paying attention, or payback may be painful! she likes it!


Graham Hagney
Web Developer / Programmer

Graham is our regional man of mystery, and has been working with Melissa for close to 15 years. He is an old school programmer and what he doesn’t know about the web just isn’t worth knowing. He is our go-to man for any of the trickier web issues our clients have, and hasn’t been faced with a problem he can’t fix.