Public speaking… everybody fears it!

The greatest compliment you can ever give me when you see me speak at an event or watch one of my vlogs… is to say that I gave you some really helpful advice you can action, and that you felt I was being real. Nothing else honestly matters.

There are so many marketing messages being delivered these days, by polished speakers that are rehearsed and polished within an inch of their lives! I used to be intimidated because they would stand up and speak so proficiently, but conversely when I spoke to a room I tend to keep it pretty simple, basic and human. Comparing myself to others is just my own insecurities speaking to me, and I’ve learned how to get over myself and focus on just being me.

And I know it’s insecurities like these that are holding so many business owners back from marketing their own businesses as well as they can. So many people freeze up in front of a video camera, or refuse to do a live video post, or produce overly-scripted webinars and death-by-powerpoint presentations because they are paralysed by the notion of being perfect. Marketing is all about connecting to your audience’s problems and concerns. Being polished doesn’t make you connected.

I read this blog this morning from Seth Godin, the Godfather of marketing, and had to share a few of his thoughts.

“Don’t memorize your talk. Memorize your stories. Ten stories make a talk. Write yourself a simple cue card to remember each story’s name. Then tell us ten stories.
Be you.
We didn’t come to hear your words. If that’s all we wanted, we could have read the memo and saved a ton of time.
Bring your heart.”

So, know your subject, share your personal stories. Be relatable. Ask questions, and stay really relevant and real. Sharing your knowledge with a good heart will connect you far better to your audience than memorising facts and figures and sticking to a soul-less script.
Perfectly imperfect.
Happy marketing your business!

Melissa x

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