when your marketing NEEDs HELP!

CASE STUDY OF A brand & marketing overhaul for catering hq.

You have a solid business, a good team around you that really believe in what you are doing, great relationships with your clients and you are feeling positive about the future.

Except…. Your website and sales material SUCKS, and your marketing strategy is very inconsistent bordering on non-existent!

Be honest… does that sound like anyone you know?! You are not alone, so many really good businesses in every industry come to us to shake up their branding and marketing material because it just doesn’t reflect the good work they are producing. And they’re embarrassed!

If you ever find yourself saying “don’t look at my website, I haven’t updated it in years!”… Then I really hope you take the 4 minutes to click play on the video below and take in some of what our lovely client, Steve Sidd from Catering HQ has to say about his recent marketing and brand overhaul.

Steve was exactly like many of our clients before we worked with them. Great business, excellent clients, wanting to grow and realising that his brand messaging didn’t reflect his success and where he wanted to take the business. We worked very closely with him on his brand positioning to his strategy, social media, website, photography and corporate video, Divine Creative Agency really helped him out to being more professional and consistent in his approach, and inspired him so much that he has become a monster with live video on his popular Facebook page and may turn into a social media influencer!

Check out what Steve thought of the whole process, and if you enjoy bloopers, make sure you watch it right to the very end!

Melissa x

If you want to speak with Melissa in greater detail about how to get more out of the content you are creating, and how to have a functional website, blog, e-newsletter or marketing plan that will enhance organic SEO, then please contact us and we can have an obligation-free chat.

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