Do you have a brains trust for your business?

“A brains trust is a group of business people that you can collaborate with and discuss business issues with, to get advice/ feedback/ support/ honesty from… They are the people that you really trust with their guidance and support because as business owners, there’s often nobody else in our inner circle that we can talk to so freely about our business. They hold us accountable, and together we grow.”

Melissa Robson, Divine Creative Agency

Meet my brains trust, Maria from Maria Nicola Jewellery, Shark Tank fame and Studio 10, and Anne Rollo, golf professional who runs international golf tours, and the owner of Ice Rays, stocked in Australia and the US.

Both run international businesses, create fantastic regular content and have incredibly engaged audiences. I’m proud to say they are great friends of mine and we regularly catch up to discuss all things business (and often personal as girls do!). Recently I asked them to share their biggest tips on what works best when marketing their businesses.

Not surprisingly, Maria summarised her success to national exposure through television, constant communication through social media, personalisation, and listening to what your audience want. Anne enjoys similar success through creating a community, nurturing that database and keeping them constantly engaged with personalised messages, helpful videos and always giving with the view to help, rather than with the view to what will I receive.

Hope you enjoy hearing their great tips and if you want to connect, all you need to do is get in touch!

Melissa x

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