Melissa here from Divine Creative Agency.
You would have heard from me recently when I was speaking at the CCIA Sydney Camping Show about my passion, Connection Marketing and how to turn your sales team into rockstars and bring more foot traffic into your salesrooms and online.

So tell me… how well are your sales team connecting with your prime target audience? Are they waiting for them to turn up in your showroom or at the expos? Or are they proactively attracting them through their media influence, their online videos and social media strategies?

I know we can all get very busy with the day to day runnings of our businesses, but marketing is something that you should be considering every day in your business life, because you should always be looking to find new customers and keep your existing ones! It’s a real mistake to only do marketing when you hit a quiet patch. That really affects growth and puts a lot of undue pressure on the business owner and sales team (and we definitely don’t want that!).

We are offering you a free consultation with myself so I can get to personally learn more about your business and your products, and see how we can help you to cut through and have a different kind of conversation with your audience.

I have a tonne of experience in the industry through my 20 years + of marketing experience, and helping my late husband, Steve Robson with his career and involvement with GIC (Black Series), 4WD Action, Low Range, MDC Camper Trailers and 2GB radio. I have taken some much needed time out since his passing, and I feel the time is right to now get back into the industry I love and continue making a real impact.

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And that means making a real connection with your audience and delivering them the service, and the right products that they want and need to realise their dreams and goals for their families actually come true.

Is your sales team getting this message across to your target audience while still delivering the sales that you want? Or do you need to better support them with meaningful, inspiring online material, great video and social content, and marketing that actually touches your audiences heart strings and converts them into loyal customers.

76% of sales decisions are based on reputation and trust.

We are passionate about achieving real connections and trust through marketing and really fired up about helping businesses and brands in the camping industry create quality, unique content that helps them stand out and make a real impact in their industry by building trust and loyalty. And we’d love to do this for you.

While we create really sensational video and blog content for our clients, our core business is getting your brand message spot on through printed sales material and quality websites that your clients use as a resource and information tool, and you can rely on as your best (and most affordable) sales rep!

So, over to you…
We’d really love to hear from you. We’re very easy going and there is no hard sell. We are really committed to our clients and honestly just love to inspire and help. Hope to hear from you and chat soon.

Melissa x

PS It’s easy for us to say nice things about ourselves… So here’s what some of our long term clients have to say!

“Before I started working with Divine Creative Agency, I wasn’t absolutely convinced about the whole concept of branding! But now that our advertising, social media, sales material and online marketing campaigns are far more consistent, strategic, and speaking directly to our target market.
MDC Campers is correctly positioned in the marketplace as the largest and most successful manufacturers of camper trailers. We now walk and talk our brand…
Melissa, Steve (the Big Fella) & Team, we couldn’t have done it without you, thank you.”

Vaughan Hindley
MDC Camper Trailers

caravan and camping industry, mdc camper trailers, Steve Robson, divine creative agency, graphic design, marketing, branding, website design, video, melissa robson

“Our initial conversation was about rebranding Catering HQ. I shared my vision with Melissa, and she nailed it. She understood what I wanted and the finished product (website, professional photography, videography and personal image rebrand) is amazing. It has now given me so much more confidence in my own business and getting a massive response from social media and my clients, which has been fantastic for business.”

Steve Sidd
Catering HQ

“Since working with Divine Creative Agency, our brand identity, sales material, signage, advertising and online marketing are now all congruent with each other. We now look, act and perform like a building company that is a leader in our industry, and it’s no surprise that business is at an all time high.”

Graham Matherson
Jandson Homes

divine creative agency, graphic design, marketing, branding, website design, video, melissa robson

“Well, back in Brisbane from an awesome trip of brainstorming and marketing plans made for my three businesses. If you’re in business, you MUST have a marketing plan to tell people about what you do! Melissa Robson, owner of Divine Creative Agency is one of the best in the business and nothing can be truer than the saying “you get what you pay for”.
Anything you do in business, spend the money on quality and get things done properly. Don’t be a tight arse and a scrounge, otherwise nothing will change and you sit exactly where you are now. I can’t recommend Melissa’s services highly enough through custom website design blended with functionality to marketing planning, brochure design etc. Thanks for the thumping headache over the last two days Mel! It’s been a good headache!!! So much info and awesome tools to move forward with!”

Dave Challinor
Fortified Finance, Leisure Sales & InterRe Finance

divine creative agency, graphic design, marketing, branding, website design, video, melissa robson



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