Hot off the heels from our trip to Las Vegas for the mega NAB Conference for all things video, content, broadcasting and industry tech, I’m really excited to give you my wrap up of where marketing is right now and heading into the future.

How we used to do things is NOT how we do it now. Interruption marketing (a lot of paid advertising) is largely ignored. It’s now viewed as invasive bordering on obnoxious. People like to choose the way they consume their information, and paid advertising just isn’t believable anymore.

BUT… creating well-meaning, helpful and unique content is definitely where marketing is right now, and if your business doesn’t have a strategy around this, you could be really left behind.

The conference’s tagline ‘where content creates life’, couldn’t describe better how business’ should be viewing their marketing and the way we all need to connect with our audience.

This is where so many businesses get it wrong. We are so obsessed with ‘selling’ by shouting at our audience in an effort to get across how good we are and sharing all the great features and benefits of our products and services.
What we forget is the one really important ingredient we need to ensure that a customer will trust us and like us enough to buy from us.
And that is to connect with our audiences on an emotional level so they really feel that we understand them.
And I mean… really… connect.
To have no doubt in their mind that you are the best person at what you do. You do not get that connection from placing an ad in an industry publication because it’s just not believable.

So here is a summary of the main things that I took from the conference:

  1. Every business should be creating a massive amount of content that is relevant for both your existing clients (because they need to be loved up) and to attract a new audience (because you’re so awesome it’s your duty to let them discover you!).Your goal is to stand out, to be heard and to be seen for all of your differences.And not in a weird, show biz way! It’s always tempting to try to be someone that you aren’t when you’re in front of a video camera or speaking about your business, but it’s critical that you stay as authentic as possible. People see through a ‘performance’ and they don’t like it.  There will be people that switch off because they don’t like you, and that’s okay. There is an audience for everyone if you cast your net far enough, and guaranteed people just like you, will love what you have to say. It’s better to niche into a couple of areas where you dominate and specialise,  and really own that industry, rather than try to be a master of everything. Nobody is valued for being a jack-of-all-trades.
  2. You can have the largest audience and be obsessed with likes and fan numbers, but if they aren’t engaged with you and don’t value you, then you won’t be able to monetise your following and then it just becomes about vanity rather than financial success.The revenue that an influencer might get from YouTube alone isn’t going to make them retire on easy streets.You need to other ways to monetise your database and always know your end game when you are creating content. Likes and shares are great, but if it’s too the wrong audience, for the wrong reasons, then really, what is the point? Vanity metrics vs actual sales. I know where I’d rather have success!
  3. There is a magnitude of ways that you can create engaging content with your audience, and be the brand that really touches them. Regular video content, consistent blogging and vlogging, helpful case studies, information sessions, webinars, engaging email, catchy infographics, live videos, clever copywriting, podcasts…You need to find your sweet spot and be in daily contact with your audience. It might feel like it’s overkill from your perspective, but not everybody is seeing you on every platform. So you need to become the master of repurposing the same content across multiple platforms so you don’t burn out, and keep it coming. It’s about consistency, regularity, quality and injecting your brand personality into the message.
  4. Think globally. Even if your services only extend to your local area, you can be selling your knowledge around the world through online education. Multiple income streams are very desirable, and there is an audience for everything and you can sell to a worldwide community. When you visit the US, Europe or Asia for business, you quickly realise that while our skillsets are really high, Australia is just a drop in the ocean!
  5. Personal branding is everything. A company branded message is going to be 8x more successful if it’s shared by a sales team member rather than just put out by the company profile. People engage with people, they want to know more about your business and the people within it. Feed them, let them see who you are, who your team is, what inspires you, and most of all what makes you unique. Dare to get real with your audience. They will love you for it.Your sales team are missing a golden opportunity if they don’t already market themselves within your company brand. They can engage with an audience through putting out live and pre-made content. As long as it’s personal and helpful, and tied in to your brand, it’s going to be so much more successful than anything you put out through the company. People buy from people that they can relate to and trust.
  6. And when you are creating video content, try and look at combining it with relevant content that already has a high search rate so there’s a better chance that more people will find you. Just remember to keep it relevant. Whatever is a pressing issue right now in your industry, come up with a solution and then market your content around that.

Because… The best marketing, never looks like marketing.
It’s helpful, sometimes entertaining advice from a trusted advisor/friend.

Whoever is closest to the customer on a daily basis from multiple platforms… wins their trust, their loyalty and their business. And an engaged customer is a referring customer.

Creating wonderfully engaging content really is a win/win for all businesses, and something that your business needs to be involved with on a regular basis. If you need help with a strategy around this and implementation, just get in touch and we can have that initial conversation to get you started.

Melissa X

If you want to speak with Melissa in greater detail about how to get more out of the content you are creating, and how to have a functional website, blog, e-newsletter or marketing plan that will enhance organic SEO, then please contact us and we can have an obligation-free chat.

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