Marketing Strategy + Action Plan = Success with Melissa J Scott

“A Marketing Strategy is the difference between a business that really succeeds and a business that just gets the same results year after year”.

Melissa J Scott

Have things changed drastically for your business and you want to improve your online game, but not sure how? Although this topic is not as exciting as others, having a solid marketing strategy and plan in place is where you will get the most traction for your business, and can and will make all the difference between growing and just staying the same and getting left behind.


Right now is a great opportunity to do things better in your business, but you need a concrete plan in place.

In this article I discuss why you need a marketing strategy and how to get one, without wasting your valuable marketing dollars.

What I will be covering today.

  • Why you should have a marketing strategy first, and then take action second
  • Connecting to your why
  • How to differentiate yourself from your competition and stand out
  • The importance of self-belief
  • Why you may be potentially wasting money on marketing material if you don’t have a strategy behind it
  • How to develop a solid strategy and make an impact to your audience
  • Create your own movement
  • Real life examples of people absolutely nailing it in business using a marketing strategy.

“Once you have your marketing STRATEGY, you then need to have a plan on how you are going to take ACTION. Completing the steps behind your marketing strategy is the most important thing you can do for your business. You could be putting out incredible value to your audience, but if you haven’t done your homework and gotten your strategy in place, it is just hit and miss”.

Melissa J Scott

If you want to have more success in your business and sales, you need to become an expert at creating trust and connection online through your personal brand, and creating quality content. Book a free half hour strategy session with Melissa today to find out how you can be the Rockstar in your industry. If you want it, it is possible.

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