“Once you are more connected to yourself, everything in your life will run smoother, from the way you run your business, to your everyday life and family.” Melissa J Scott

If you want to be successful in today’s business world, achieve your goals and have an impact on the world around you, it is vitally important that you learn to connect with yourself first and know who you are.

When I first have a client come into the office we sit down and I ask them the big questions, who are you, why do you do what you do, what do you want to achieve, what makes you unique and so on, and it is absolutely amazing how many people stumble on answering these basic questions that are really at the core of running a successful business and creating a wonderful life. After all, how do you expect to connect with anyone else if you haven’t connected to yourself first?

In todays podcast I share with you 9 incredibly powerful tips to help you learn how to connect with yourself, truly know who you are and uncover the answers to the big core questions.


Our lives today are busy and hectic and full of distractions and noise. So much of our living is done subconsciously. Stop, pause, reflect on your feelings. Ask yourself:

  • What can I learn?
  • What am I feeling?
  • What is this emotion?

And then:

  • Let yourself feel the emotion
  • Reflect, is their something I can take from this?
  • And let it go, calmly and with love. Never judge yourself.


Turn off the distractions around you, for example the television, radio, or trying to listen to a podcast while you work. We are constantly being bombarded with noise and distractions during the day, which makes it impossible to truly think and be in the moment. Try switching off to get a peaceful brain and instead tune in to what you are actually thinking and feeling.

Another great way to do this is to try meditation. And this can be as simple as sitting in silence and taking 3 deep breaths. Listen in to the podcast/video if you want a more indepth suggestion of how to meditate. The important thing to know is that everyone can learn to meditate. It just takes a little practice.


If you find yourself at a point during the day when you are particularly tense, hunched over and stressed, try stretching out and deep breathing all the way from your diaphragm. Rather than allowing your breathing to become frantic and go into stress mode, just focus on your breath for a few minutes and see what happens after that.

“You can’t think clearly and make good decisions if you are minimising the amount of air that is actually flowing through your body and brain”.

Melissa J Scott


One of the greatest tools to create self-awareness is journaling. Use the time in the morning before you have started the day and turned on ‘your thinking brain’ to scribble down whatever pops into your mind. Write from your intuition and your feelings, rather than your thinking; because that is when the uninhibited truth will just start pouring out of you.

Important things to remember when you are journaling include:

  • Don’t worry about being neat or spelling, scribble away!
  • Try journaling first thing in the morning before you get into your day and are still in tune with your subconscious brain and your intuition
  • Ask yourself a burning question and meditate on it for a while, and then start writing, don’t think, just write!
  • It is the best way to get to know yourself, to learn and grow.


“Remind yourself every single day of who you want to be and you will cause your brain to fire in new sequences, in new patterns, in new combinations. And whenever you make your brain work differently, you are changing your mind.”
Dr Joe Dispenza

Too often we get up in the morning and do exactly the same thing that creates us to think and feel exactly the same way, and if we want to break out of any old habits and create new ones, we need to change up the habit of our morning routine to set the tone for a new day!

Your morning routine needs to be all about you. Set yourself up for a positive day by creating a little ritual for yourself each morning. You can try:

  • Staying off social media
  • Walking, stretching, yoga, deep breathing or exercising out in nature
  • Preparing a delicious healthy breakfast to eat while you are reading something really posItive and uplifting, or journaling
  • Get up half an hour or an hour earlier to make time for your new morning ritual

The benefits are that you are feeling more relaxed and calm, and you will carry that feeling on with you during the day. But you will also be resetting the way that you think, feel and react because you will be operating more from your conscious brain than your subconscious brain, because you have become more aware of your old default behaviour.

And lastly, make sure you try many different routines until you find a routine that works for you, and then stick with it!


Be more conscious about your thoughts, how you think and how you respond. We are all living in such a reactive state when we are rushing around being busy, living unconsciously. Flip it around and take some control over your thoughts.

“We are the creator of our universe and everything we have going on right now is just a deep reflection of how we feel about ourselves and what we have chosen thus far in our life”. Melissa J Scott

And yes, horrible things outside of your control will happen, and all you can do is choose how you respond to them and also choose the story that you tell yourself every day about them after the fact.


Move your body, get fit, just be active. Moving your body is one of the best ways to learn to be in the moment and get out of your head. In particular, if you can schedule some time to surround yourself in nature you will get so many added extra health benefits. We live in such a big, beautiful country you are sure to find somewhere nearby to appreciate.


Do something that is purely creative and has nothing to do with your normal work. Free drawing is a great creative release as it takes your brain away from decision making and taps into your more creative heart centre. I personally love singing and writing songs. Try something new, you never know what you might find that lights you up.

Cooking, gardening, decorating, putting together colourful outfits, these are all wonderful ways to express your creativity.

“Creativity is the path to authenticity, where we trust our instincts and access our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs all at the same time to create something uniquely original to us. There is true power in creating something new.” Melissa J Scott


Try looking at yourself in the mirror and actually smiling! Acknowledge how far you have come and congratulate yourself on the beautiful life you have created. Feel gratitude for yourself and your hard work.

True self love comes from when you can acknowledge the darker side of your personality, things we traditional carry a bit of shame or guilt about. Love yourself and forgive yourself, because it all makes up the frame-work of who you are.

You might find as you try some of these tips that things will come up that you are not so keen on and that is perfectly normal. That’s when you get to make a choice, don’t just judge yourself harshly and be critical. Make a conscious decision to change, and get help in a certain area if you need to. Choose a new future.

“If your personal reality is creating your personality, you are a victim. But if your personality is creating your personal reality, then you are a creator.”
Dr Joe Dispenza

By doing these activities and connecting with yourself, you are laying the foundations for leading a much happier, better connected and more intuitive life.

If you want to have more success in your business and sales, you need to become an expert at creating trust and connection online through your personal brand, and creating quality content. Book a free half hour strategy session with Melissa today to find out how you can be the Rockstar in your industry. If you want it, it is possible.

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