8 Simple Tips To Grow Your Instagram Following

1. Find your aesthetic

Instagram is all about visual appeal. So how can you expect to have a successful profile without a visually stimulating aesthetic?

If the word aesthetic seems like a foreign term to you, don’t worry it’s definitely easier and more fun than you may think.

Determine what your colour palette will be. Dark, light, vibrant or calm, your profile is what matches your brand and message. Make sure to break it up and change it up, a busy, cluttered feed can put people off especially when someone is visiting your page for the first time. You want to inspire and engage your audience so they keep coming back for more. If you feel worried about how it will look, make a mockup feed in a document to test out the flow.

2. Make it clear what it is that you do

Your message is key for your brand image and purpose. Don’t forget to make your bio clear and enticing. Make it simple and snappy, something memorable and efficient.

3. Make your caption a question to encourage your audience to respond

The best way to encourage your followers to leave a comment is if you are able to lead them into it. It can be a simple question, just tie it into your content and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to reply to them as well, you really want to build that connection with your audience.

4. Find profiles that are similar to your brand or purpose and follow it’s followers

You’re not stealing anything from anyone, it’s simply finding your target market as efficiently as possible. There’s no better way to find followers who will connect and utilise your brand than to actively search for them and give them a follow.

5. From your website add an Instagram image feed to direct your audience

Another effective way to direct more traffic toward your social media is to link it all together. Especially from your website, adding an image feed from your instagram will draw people to follow your accounts.

6. Use relevant hashtags by researching which ones have a lot of traction on successful accounts

Gone are the days where you need dozens of hashtags. 4-5 # are the optimum now. Brainstorm strong words and trends that apply to your business and message, when you look them up on Instagram it will show you how many accounts use them and how popular they are. As I said before it is extremely beneficial to check out what similar successful accounts are using and how well they are working for them. Don’t forget to add your brand as a hashtag, get the trend started and get it out there.

7. Don’t go overboard with all of the different filters

A beautifully curated and original photo with a clear message will win every time over the latest and greatest. Find your ‘look’ and then stick to it so you are instantly recognisable in a feed. If in doubt, Mayfair is the most popular filter, but again, you are trying to create your own style, so find it and just go with that.

8. Quality and Consistency is key – never upload blurry or low-resolution content and frequently post on your feed and Instagram Story to stay relevant

Again, Instagram is a visual platform. I cannot stress enough that your photos and content need to be high quality if you want your account to look professional, legitimate and effective.

Instagram stories has grown significantly in popularity and effectiveness, so keep it flowing, plan your content or just start filming. The stories section is for your everyday material, the behind scenes of what you are doing. Keep your main feed for your curated and professional images, this is where you are more polished and thinking carefully of your overall brand strategy.

Keep at it everyday! As long as there is something for your followers to be watching you’re smashing it! Don’t worry about uploading the same content if it’s crucial to your brand message, just have it ready again for the next day for fresh viewers. As always, connection is incredibly important, make sure you or one of your team members are getting on there and putting a real face behind the brand – people want to know you are so don’t be afraid to show your personality.

Helena’s Marketing Tips!

PS – if you want to talk about content creation, your website, your social media presence or anything related to getting your profile out there… make sure you get in touch.

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