Do you struggle knowing how to market your business in this technology era?

  • traditional media outlets are closing down.

  • industry shows are becoming more expensive, more competitive and less profitable.

  • and your sales team just aren’t getting the results  doing it the same old way…

It’s time to market your business differently…
from 12pm to 2pm on Friday 3 May 2019 at Rydges,
Black Caviar Room, opposite Rosehill Racecourse Sydney.
(6 min walk, see map below)

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To the Business Owner and Marketing Manager

Have you noticed that the brands standing out right now and connecting with their customers are excelling at digital content, video and social media?…

They’re putting themselves ‘out there’ in the public arena, and they’re reaping the rewards. The great news is, you can too.


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Many good companies, just like you, are starting to question how they are doing their sales and marketing, because the old ways just aren’t working anymore. Traditional publications are closing down, shows and expos are getting more and more difficult to return a profit, and people are researching online more than ever.

You’ve probably been told you need to connect more with your target audience through social media, and create more online content and video… but how do you do that and get more sales?!


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Maybe you are thinking that if you just work harder, try harder, push your sales team to make more calls, that hopefully you’ll be able to get back on track? Or maybe it’s time to acknowledge that we are in the middle of a technology revolution, and if you don’t embrace it and connect with your audience now, you WILL be left behind.

I remember when my late husband, Steve, started in the caravan and camping industry almost 10 years ago. I thought it was the most incredible job and industry to be part of, having travelled around Australia in a kombi van myself in my early 20’s, and spending the next 2 decades camping and visiting every corner of this great country. It’s something I already knew and loved.

Back then, I thought the leisure industry was such a small niche market, (and with Australia having such a small population), surely it could only grow so much.

But now having worked in the industry for the past decade with some of the most innovative brands and leaders in the camping and 4WD world, as a marketer I see incredible untapped opportunities to really dominate this exploding market.

You may have seen the growth of many new players in the last 10 years. Companies that literally sprang up out of nowhere and are now owning a huge market share! Many wonder how did they grow so quickly when others fail?!

Well, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside MDC as their Brand Manager and Marketing Content Strategist as a consultant, and helped them develop both their company and personal brands for some of the most recognisable personalities in the industry.

With Steve’s very sudden passing a couple of years ago, I chose to take some time out of the industry. But… when it’s in your blood it’s something that you just can’t keep away from!

Times are really changing for all businesses, and in particular the leisure industry. Now, more than ever I wanted to get back into an industry I really love and believe in. I want to share my specialist knowledge in how to build a brand into a major national player and take your sales team from nobodies to rock stars through simple strategies that are tried, tested and proven!

I have decided to put together a “Content Marketing Strategy Lunch & Learn” during the upcoming Rosehill Caravan Camping Holiday Supershow, so that you can see how to maximise your investment by exhibiting and continue to grow your business in the next 12 months.

You can easily do this through creating exceptional digital content, video and social media strategies that engage your audience and dramatically increase sales.
I’d love it if you could be there.[/text_block]



This may be the first time you’ve heard of me because I tend to keep myself behind the scenes… but that is exactly why this is going to be the best education seminar you’ll attend all year!

I promise to give you instant strategies you can action that get results. I know they work because we do it time and time again with our clients.

melissa and the team

Learn about our experience in the Caravan, Camping and Leisure Industry…


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MDC Campers were a relatively new company looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and change the public perception of their brand. They wanted a point of difference and to build a reputation and brand that people would love.



When I first met the owner of MDC Campers, they had their main showroom in Brisbane and opening a second branch in Sydney, which my late husband was handpicked to run. He had built a name for himself in the industry with a rival company, and I was instrumental in his personal brand and how to turn a sales person into a ‘rockstar’ in the industry.

At the time, MDC had less than 100 fans on Facebook and Vaughan, the owner, openly admitted that he didn’t believe in branding or any real co-ordinated marketing. At that stage it was all about exhibiting at shows and competing on price alone. They had little online presence and struggling with how the public viewed their products and service.


Over the years that I worked with the brand, I was able to really turn the negative attitude towards marketing and branding around as Vaughan saw the value in personal branding for his sales team, and strategic brand messaging that they controlled for their company.

We were instrumental in building their brand through social media, developing the concepts for their three research and developments trips which saw the sales team in the dvd’s becoming well-known industry figures, and in turn dramatically drive more sales, better quality products and increasing popularity and credibility of the brand. During this time, MDC also launched nationally into BCF & Rays Outdoors, and we were instrumental in this expansion.

Over the years, MDC grew from 1 to 11 showrooms across the country, launched brand partnerships with industry players through our personal networks such as Roothy, Glenno, Low Range, 2GB Radio, All 4 Adventure, 4WDrive Action, and Creek to Coast.

They are now expanding into the US market and I am being brought back into the company as a consultant for their next phase of growth around changing public and team perception around their customer service, marketing and creating content that connects their audience even deeper with the MDC brand.
It’s a challenge we are very much looking forward to![/text_block]

Hear from some of our happy clients…

“Before I started working with Divine Creative, I wasn’t convinced about the whole concept of branding! But now that our advertising, social media, sales material and online marketing campaigns are far more consistent, strategic, and speaking directly to our target market.
MDC Campers is correctly positioned in the marketplace as the largest and most successful manufacturers of camper trailers. We now walk and talk our brand…
Melissa, the Big Fella and Team, we couldn’t have done it without you, thank you.”

Vaughan Hindley
MDC Campers

Dave Challinor

“Well, back in Brisbane from an awesome trip of brainstorming… If you’re in business, you MUST have a marketing plan to tell people about what you do! Melissa Robson, owner of Divine Creative Agency is one of the best in the business and nothing can be truer than the saying “you get what you pay for”.
Anything you do in business, spend the money on quality and get things done properly. Don’t be a tight arse and a scrounge, otherwise nothing will change and you sit exactly where you are now. I can’t recommend Melissa’s services highly enough through custom website design blended with functionality to marketing planning, brochure design etc. Thanks for the thumping headache over the last two days Mel! It’s been a good headache!!! So much info and awesome tools to move forward with!”

Dave Challinor
Fortified Finance

Tim McEnallay

“Melissa and James, thank you to the dynamic duo for all your great effort with kicking off the VennCap marketing. We’re really excited about the new website, thanks for making it an effortless adventure for us all.”

Tim McEnallay
VennCap Real Estate

Tina Tower

“Melissa is the best I know in the country in terms of design, branding and web and she also does amazing video with her partner James. They have a medium sized agency so would be great to still give you the personal touch and all of the awesome efficiency that comes with that.”

Tina Tower

Founder of Begin Bright
Lap Top Life
Scale Up Your Business
Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year 2014

Steve Sidd

“Our initial conversation was about rebranding Catering HQ. I shared my vision with Melissa, and she nailed it. She understood what I wanted and the finished product (website, professional photography, videography and personal image rebrand) is amazing. It has now given me so much more confidence in my own business and getting a massive response from social media and my clients, which has been fantastic for business.”

Steve Sidd
Catering HQ

We’re going to be running the Lunch & Learn from
12pm to 2pm on Friday 3 May 2019 at Rydges, Black Caviar Room, opposite the Rosehill Racecourse, Sydney.
(Just take the footbridge over the railway station and across the lights at James Ruse Drive – a 6 min walk from the main halls, see map below)
Lunch will also be provided.

There are 4 things that I promise you are going to  leave with that I know will bring you at least 1 ADDITIONAL big ticket sale to your business in the next month if you follow our strategy

and IF you take action…



Create a never-ending flow of new ‘ready to buy’ loyal customers in your showroom.
Understand how to connect with them, how they like to be communicated with, and create loyal raving fans that turn into customers for life.



Customers want to buy from people that they know, who they like, and most of all who they trust, and we show you how with a wide range of marketing strategies that will help your team stand out.



Calling vs social media/video vs expos
Where is the best place to market today?
Is it Facebook? Instagram? Youtube? Blogging? Podcasting?
We show you how to execute easy strategies that will assist your sales team at expos and in the showroom.



…that we promise will get results.
We know it works because we have done it for our clients and ourselves. We are constantly improving what we do and working with Australia’s best to deliver fantastic outcomes.

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You may be wondering how in the world we’re going to cover all this in just 2 hours…

Well, every business person in the room is going to be in the camping, caravanning or holiday industry PLUS, I’m going to be walking you through the exact strategy I’ve used to execute with my other clients.

I’ve charged as much as $15,000 to design, build and strategise this plan, and because you’ll all be together for the expo, we’re going to do this for you – COMPLETELY FREE!

That’s a $15,000 Savings! Just by showing up…

So be prepared to take lots of notes (and get excited – because you’ll be one of the few that are ready to move to the new amazing Digital and Offline Marketplace!)


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So what’s in this for Divine and why am I doing this for free?

Let’s call a Spade a Spade…

The way I’ve built my business is by delivering amazing content, engaging websites, brand messaging that really connects with your audience, and in particular, exceptional video to businesses that are savvy enough to put themselves out there.

So for our business, when you see WHAT we are capable of doing for you and HOW we can do this for you, we hope that you think that we’re a “No-Brainer” to work with.

I sincerely know that the Outdoor Camping and Caravan market is my “Results” sweet spot, and each company is so different, so there is never a conflict with the messaging.

I actually prefer to work with this industry as my client because I have lived and breathed the lifestyle for many decades, I have worked with the best, and hang out with your customers and industry legends by lifestyle default!…


Now I realise I’ll be taking you out of your business expo and you’ll be doing long days, so I’ve worked with the schedule to make this a no-brainer, easy to attend event for you.

That way after you come, you make more of the event and it doesn’t take away from any of your valuable prospecting with potential clients.

So, if you are ready to stand out from the market, become the “Go To” Choice and build an endless supply of ready to buy appointments on your showroom floor.

Make sure you attend. The value of my knowledge that I have accumulated over the past decade of working alongside the best in the industry, is unmeasurable.


Meet Melissa Robson

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Melissa has been working in the branding, marketing and digital space for over 20 years. She is an exceptional designer and copywriter, and you don’t accidentally run a successful agency for this period of time without being great at what you do and passionate about the clients you serve.

Working with great businesses and brands such as MDC Campers, Rheem Australia, Scott Morrison MP (yes, the PM is one of Melissa’s clients!), Diabetes NSW, AMP and Jandson Homes, Melissa has seen marketing fads come and go, but what remains is her commitment to connecting her clients to their target audience, in the most authentic and down to earth ways so they really become trusted advisors and friends to their clients. 

Hot off the heels of just returning from the NAB Video Industry Conference in Las Vegas, where the world’s best global visionaries and suppliers come together to showcase media, entertainment and technology, the focus was very heavy on bringing digital content to life through storytelling. This is Melissa’s greatest passion, telling stories to emotionally connect her clients with their audience.

When she isn’t working hard for her clients, Melissa is hanging out with her 3 teenage sons, partner James and their rescue dog Xena. They have their own vlog called #datenightventures which they do for a bit of fun. She loves travelling all around Australia – particularly to find a remote tennis court so she can indulge her latest passion, and she is hoping to make the Big Red Bash this year for the 3rd time (although it will be 5 times to Birdsville!). She whole-heartedly believes that life is good, so be kind, be generous, share what you know and always know your value.[/text_block]

Meet James Lopes

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James is one of Australia’s best videographers and creative brains when it comes to branding and communicating that message through telling a story in moving pictures. For over 10 years he has been perfecting his skills from shooting, to CGI and special effects, to storyboarding, direction, production and putting very nervous subjects at ease in front of his many cameras.

There is nothing this man won’t do to get the perfect shot for his clients… including hanging out of a helicopter, trekking into the desert across the other side of the globe for the perfect footage, or shooting a music video late at night in an abandoned haunted mental asylum in the name of his craft!

James’ creativity and expertise in video makes him the perfect professional partner along with Melissa for any business that recognizes the role that video has to play in the future of marketing.


Got any Questions?

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Simply give us a call at 02 9522 7300 or 0408 602 181,
and we’ll get back to you right away.
I look forward to meeting you soon.

To your business success,

melissa and the team

Melissa Robson


The workshop will be held at Rydges, Black Caviar Room, opposite the Rosehill Racecourse, Sydney.
(Just take the footbridge over the railway station and across the lights at James Ruse Drive – a 6 min walk from the main halls.)