Brett Power – Marketing and Business Solutions

“My business has been working with Melissa for twenty years now. We’ve got a very strong relationship. We do a lot of strategy and development of plans for businesses, and we very much rely on Divine Creative for the implementation… for taking care of their branding, their online presence and to support what our business does for our clients, and the clients business.”

John Patterson – LGen

“Thank you for passing me onto Melissa. With this work her business will be recommend by every corporate professional I deal with. Love it… They are the best I have seen and I am not being biased. I am your network group, you are going to get some good clients as I will promote you to everyone I am involved with.”

Tina Tower

“Melissa is the best I know in the country in terms of design, branding and web and she also does amazing video with her partner James. They have a medium sized agency so would be great to still give you the personal touch and all of the awesome efficiency that comes with that.”

Tina Tower
(formerly) Begin Bright, Laptop Life, Scale Up Your Business
Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year 2014

Graham Matherson – Jandson Homes

“Since working with Divine Creative Agency, our brand identity, sales material, signage, advertising and online marketing are now all congruent with each other. We now look, act and perform like a building company that is a leader in our industry, and it’s no surprise that business is at an all time high.”